VALUES : Our law firm advises on complex high-value and high-profile transactions and related litigation that involve, in particular, deep industry knowledge


Savoir Faire

Our law firm advises on complex high-value and high-profile transactions and related litigation that involve, in particular, deep industry knowledge.

 Our teams are constantly adapting their expertise to market evolutions in order to provide first class services to our clients.


We are driven by excellence. Our lawyers provide accurate, precise and comprehensive legal advice. We offer the benefit of our deep knowledge and cutting-edge experience across all of our areas of expertise.

 Our firm offers a challenging intellectual environment and an efficiently organised internal structure to highly motivated and talented multi-cultural lawyers and employees.

Responsiveness, Proactivity & Foresight

These values are the cornerstone of our philosophy of client service.

 Our teams answer in a timely manner the legal queries of the client.

 The strong knowledge and experience of our professionnals enable us to understand and anticipate the client’s needs, identify potential legal issues and bring alternative solutions.

Client Care

We are dedicated to our clients’ success.

 Our professionnals are solution-driven and focuse on our clients’ objectives. Our clients are demanding industry and global leaders. They have been relying on the exceptional dedication and expertise of our lawyers and staff for more than six years.


Our lawyers are recruited among the best of their classes and offered the tools, training and opportunities to enable the most demanding of them to give the best of their capabilities at any moment of their career, to be involved in challenging transactions, and to be entrusted with early responsibilities.

 Associates are well-respected and evolve in a courteous and cultivating atmosphere. Career path is transparent.

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