SJL Jimenez Lunz sponsors this year, as sole Luxembourg law firm, the Luxembourg stand at the Expo Real 2010 which takes place from 4 to 6 October in Munich and attends as Exhibitor.

SJL is represented by Adrian Sedlo and Michel Jimenez Lunz, co-managing partners of SJL.

After the allocution of Mr. Claude Wiseler, Minister for Sustainable Development and Infrastructure, Michel Jimenez Lunz declared to its clients, personal contacts and visitors of the Luxembourg stand that he is delighted to be the only Luxembourg law firm officially sponsoring the Luxembourg stand at the Expo Real 2010 and to have the opportunity to promote the Luxembourg legal industry in the real estate finance sector and, more generally, the Luxembourg financial sector.

He also highlighted the expertise and high quality of SJL in respect of real estate finance transactions and the attractivity of Luxembourg as a hub for foreign investments in Europe.

Michel Jimenez Lunz comments: “SJL is happy to be Exhibitor at the Luxembourg stand and to represent officially, as sponsor, Luxembourg and its legal market. We thank the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce for having given us this opportunity and for their diligence and hard work which allows Luxembourg to be well promoted internationally.”

Munich, 4 October 2010.