2 November 2010 – SJL Jimenez Lunz participates to the seminar organised by Luxembourg for Finance and the Istanbul Stock Exchange on the topic “Cooperation opportunities between Luxembourg and Turkey in the Financial Sector”.

During the seminar, SJL’s managing partner, Michel Jimenez Lunz has discussed with the representatives of the Luxembourg and Turkish authorities and leading Turkish financial institutions on the way to improve the relationships between the two countries.

Michel Jimenez Lunz adds: “We are very satisfied with the declarations of Mr Luc Frieden, Minister of Finance of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Luxembourg, as investment funds industry leader, is indeed the most attractive country in Europe for Turkish investments and the best positioned to show the way to Turkey to become a hub for financial investments in the region. We also congratulate the government of Turkey, represented today by Mr Mehmet Şimşek, Minister of Finance of the Republic of Turkey, and Mr Hüseyin Erkan, Chairman of the Istanbul Stock Exchange, for having enabled the Istanbul Stock Exchange to embrace algo trading, established new rules on order cancelation and reduction and anonymised stock exchanges. This will, according to experts, ease the access by foreign investors to Turkish prometting and performing markets and accelerate substantially trading at the Istanbul Stock Exchange.”

Michel Jimenez Lunz has been particularly impressed by the high quality of the panelists’ speeches.