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SJL focuses on all aspects of business law. The firm advises leading institutional and major corporate clients as well as high-net-worth individuals in particular on the following areas of activity:

Structured Finance & Capital Markets

SJL has worked with clients to develop many securitization and derivatives transactions. SJL's practice encompasses infrastructure receivable, personal loan, auto loan and lease, and residential and commercial mortgage loan securitisations; solar energy finance transactions; collateralised loan obligations; commercial paper programs; credit derivatives; and principal finance.

SJL has been advising: 

  • issuers and underwriters in securitizations, including cross-border offerings;
  • collateral managers, banks and private equity investors in collateralized loan obligation (CLO) transactions
  • originators and purchasers of all types of loans
  • financial institutions with restructuring their securities portfolios, mortgage-related and derivative exposures, and structured finance transactions
  • listing of securities on Luxembourg exchanges
  • derivatives
  • IPOs
  • private placements
  • clearing systems
  • exchange offers
  • clients in the restructurings and sales of structured finance businesses

 Asset-Backed Securities

SJL lawyers have advised clients in structuring securitizations involving a wide variety of assets. In addition to transactions involving traditional assets, such as home equity loans, residential mortgages, commercial mortgage loans, corporate loans, personal loans, trade receivables, student loans and equipment loans. SJL has advised on securitisations of more esoteric asset classes, including sports league media rights and royalties, stadium revenues, equipment leases, middle-market loans and operating assets.

SJL lawyers are experienced in the use of various types of derivatives in connection with ABS issuances, including interest rate and currency swaps, total return swaps, CDS and options. SJL lawyers have also represented investment banks in structured product issuances, including credit linked notes, exchange traded notes and exchange traded funds. SJL lawyers also completed transactions financing trade and similar receivables in the commercial paper markets.

 Mortgage-Backed Securities

SJL lawyers have been involved in servicing matters and warehouse and repo financing transactions for several mortgage loan securitisations. SJL has worked in the RMBS area and has advised asset managers in creating investment funds and REITs to purchase and manage distressed real estate assets, including whole mortgage loans, RMBS, CMBS and REO properties.

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