Some notable mandates of SJL include:

  • Pradera on the acquisition of a EUR 900 million pan-European real estate portfolio of IKEA Centres.
  • a vertically integrated steel, mining and vanadium business company on an amendment to the original framework agreement regarding individual loans in the aggregate amount of EUR 114 million and a commercial facility in the aggregate amount of EUR 50 million.
  • a leading English bank in the enforcement of a Luxembourg law governed pledge agreement over financial instruments granted in connection with a EUR 2,217 billion facility agreement.
  • Doosan Infracore Construction Equipment with respect to the refinancing of a USD 2,9 billion facility agreement.
  • Arminius Funds in the acquisition from Eurocastle, as part of a loan restructuring, of the controlling-majority stake in various SPVs holding 28 primarily commercial properties with a market value of approximately EUR 1 billion.
  • a pool of German banks in a EUR 220 million loan facility made available to a real estate private equity funds for the acquisition of city centre block of buildings, through demolition and construction of new high quality offices and retail in Frankfurt, Germany.
  • a leading broadcasting and media European group of companies in the amendment, restatement and partial refinancing of a EUR 4,2 billion facilities agreement.
  • a German bank as lender in the restructuring of a EUR 40 million loan facility made available to a Luxembourg entity.
  • a UK investment group in the early repayment of the approximately EUR 1,1 billion portfolio of leveraged bonds and the termination of a credit agreement from leading US and German banks.
  • a French leading bank in an EUR 40 million export trade financing guaranteed by the Office du Ducroire of Luxembourg (ODL) in the form of ODL-Covered facility agreements to entities of a leading mining group acquiring some goods from a Luxembourg manufacturer.


  • an American company specialized in the development, marketing and supporting of engineering in connection with the Luxembourg aspects of a global restructuring of the Group in order obtain a long-term tax-efficient redeployment of worldwide cash.
  • Kiswire Ltd., a South Korean Entity, with the acquisition of USD 55 million wire production businesses from ArcelorMittal, located, amongst others, in the United States, china, Hungary and Luxembourg.
  • Marfrig Global Foods S.A. on a EUR 330 million global restructuring of their investment structure by reorganization of the structure under an existing Luxembourg entity and a new Luxembourg entity.
  • Deutsche Fiduciary Services (Suisse) SA with the CPEC conversion and sale of the shares of a Luxembourg holding entity of an amount of EUR 265 million.
  • the Mansour Group on a potential acquisition of a minority interest in Spotify Technology S.A. through a Luxembourg based special investment vehicle.
  • the Lactalis Group with respect to its corporate restructuring by the means of (i) mergers, (ii) transformation, (iii) transfer of participations and (iv) liquidation of several of the Luxembourg holding companies.
  • Infracapital Partners on itsequity arrangements with among others Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners in connection with their GBP 1,236 billion acquisition of a 90% stake in Veolia Environnement S.A's UK regulated water business.
  • a UK major real estate fund in a joint venture transaction to acquire the Cologne Tower in Germany, negotiation of the JV agreement and implementation of the terms of the JV agreement in the articles of association of several Luxembourg entities.
  • a leading French investment fund in (i) the EUR 200 million acquisition of  a French leading underwear manufacturer, and (ii) the liquidation of the Luxembourg holding entity.
  • a Hedge Fund in the acquisition of the remaining stake in 28 Luxembourg PropCos holding commercial properties in Germany with a market value of EUR 1 billion and negotiation of a shareholders agreement with some new investors.
  • a Canadian global energy service company in respect of the  USD 325 million acquisition of some IP rights and the granting of licences to other group entities and in the clearing of some financial assistance issues.
  • a global leading construction equipment, machine tools, engine manufacturer and infrastructure services group of companies in the restructuring of some intra-group loans and the liquidation of a "dual resident" Luxembourg-Irish entity.


  • the European Energy Efficiency Fund as Luxembourg tax and legal counsel. The EEEF is an innovative European public-private partnership dedicated to mitigating climate change through energy efficiency measures and the use of renewable energy in the member states of the European Union. It has been set-up in the form of a Luxembourg SIF and is managed by Deutsche Bank .
  • GDF Suez with respect to a EUR 2,2 billion assets under management SICAV-SIF used as a Pension Pooling Vehicle. Negotiation of the terms and conditions of all the agreements in connection with the change of the services providers to the fund (central administration, paying agent, domicilation agent, custodian bank...) in Luxembourg.
  • a US investment firm on the structuring and setting-up of a EUR 2,2 billion Senior Infrastructure Debt Fund under the form of a specialised investment fund (SIF).
  • a Hedge Fund in the acquisition of the controlling-majority stake in 28 SPVs holding commercial properties in Germany with a market value of EUR 1 billion.
  • two US private equity houses in a restructuring of existing loans of EUR 75 million.
  • a leading European energy group in the change of custodian bank, registrar and transfer agent, paying agent, domiciliation agent and administration agent of a SICAV which has been set up as a Pension Pooling Vehicle for such group of companies with EUR 2 billion assets under management.
  • a UK alternative investment fund promoter in the setting-up of a specialised investment fund (SIF).
  • a leading French investment fund in the EUR 200 million acquisition (and refinancing) of a French leading underwear manufacturer, the refinancing of existing facilities and the financing of the acquisition.


  • a Luxembourg issuer in connection with the issue of USD 600 million 8 per cent loan participation notes due 2022 under the USD 1,5 billion Programme for the issuance of loan participation notes by the Issuer for the purpose of financing loans to a Russian leading bank.
  • Aviva Investors European Secondary Infrastructure Credit SV S.A. (a Luxembourg securitization vehicle) as Luxembourg advisor in connection with the issue of EUR 500 million secured revolving profit participating notes for the acquisition of infrastructure loans.
  • a US investment firm in the structuring and creation of several securitization entities in connection with the launch of a EUR 2,2 billion Senior Infrastructure Debt Fund.
  • a UK asset manager in the early repayment of EUR 523,246,000, USD 504,826,000 and GBP 211,060,000 tracking loan facilities and the admittance of leverage bonds for the same amounts due 2020 to listing and trading on the Irish stock exchange.
  • an Arabic bank in a collateral over securities held with Clearstream Luxembourg S.A.
  • a Japanese bank in the issuance of notes under a EUR 10 billion notes issuance program.
  • the bondholders’ trustee in a regulated Luxembourg securitization company facing liquidity issues which has issued bonds for GBP 1 billion.
  • one of the world's largest French asset managers in catastrophe risk linked instruments.


  • a Scandinavian bank in the refinancing of certain CZK 2 billion senior and mezzanine multicurrency and revolving facilities made available to Czech borrowers and the restructuring of a EUR 100 million facility made available to a Luxembourg entity.
  • two leading US private equity houses in a restructuring of existing loans of EUR 975 million granted to Luxembourg entities by leading German banks.
  • a leading real estate private equity house in a restructuring of a real estate acquisition financing in an amount of EUR 40 million.
  • major real estate fund in the restructuring of certain loan facilities and the analysis of the corporate liability of managers of Luxembourg holding companies and insolvency law.
  • a leading real estate private equity house in the restructuring of the junior tranche of a EUR 1,7 billion credit facility.


  • Arminius Funds in the tax structuring of the acquisition of the contolling majority stake in various SPVs holding 28 commercial properties with a value of EUR 1 billion
  • a US investment firm in the tax structuring of a EUR 2,2 billion Senior Infrastructure Debt Fund.
  • a pool of European banks with respect to the analysis of the thin cap situation of a real estate fund in connection with a refinancing in the amount of EUR 82,5 million of term loan facilities.